• Where is it made ?  Proudly made in QLD Australia
  • Is there a weight limit?  Each suction cup, when fitted correctly is rated to 35kgs X that by 4 and you get alot! All roof racks have a recommended weight restriction, we recommend that as your guide. Do not exceed the roof rack manufacturers guidelines.
  • Is the K-RACK a roof rack or kayak cradle?  NO! always remove both K-RACKS before driving the vehicle.
  • What is the warranty? 1 year from date of purchase
  • Will it work on all Hatchback & Sedan vehicles? Most – there may be some occasions it wont work, like where a rear spoiler gets in the way or limited positioning of the roof rack etc… if in doubt contact us HERE
  • Will it work on all Kayaks & Canoes? Mostly yes – there may be some hull shapes that dont work but generally it has been designed to take most hulls. Sea kayaks fit nicely into the cradle, sit on tops like fishing kayaks or family 2+1 kayaks work well, taking care not to catch the scupper holes…. if in doubt contact us HERE
  • How do I assemble my K-Rack – Check out the short 1 min video on YoiuTube to see how easy it is to assemble your new K-RACK See video HERE

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