About K-rack

The K-RACK Kayak loader is an affordable, clever system that has been designed to help you load and unload your kayak effortlessly.

  • Suitable for most kayaks & Canoes. Including Sea Kayaks, Fishing Kayaks and Recreational Sit On top Kayaks.
  • Suitable for Sedans & Hatchback or SUV vehicles . Takes less than 60 secs to set up for use
  • Small enough to stow in the vehicle permanently when not in use… keep it where you need it, when you need it!

K-RACK suitable for most kayaks & canoes

Sold as a pair, the molded cradles on the K-RACK have been designed to accommodate most hull shapes, guiding them onto and off the roof racks with ease.
Each K-RACK comes with two suction cups which offer a secure mount when fitted correctly. Load & unload without risk of damaging your kayak or vehicle.

  • Sea Kayaks Suited to all sea kayak hulls, plastic or composite material.

  • Fishing Kayaks No longer will you struggle to load your fishing kayak. K-RACK will take the effort out.

  • Recreational KayaksNo matter the shape, the K-RACK is suitable for your recreational kayak or canoe.

K-RACK for Hatchback or Sedan Vehicles

To find out how to use on your Hatchback/SUV see HERE.
To find out how to use on your Sedan vehicle see HERE.

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